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In the wake of the horrendous and heartbreaking shooting in Orlando, Florida this past weekend i am compelled to simply say….THEY don’t speak for ME.

Who are “they” you are asking?

“THEY” are those who would consider themselves to be Christians, and even pastors, who say that God sent the shooter to that Orlando nightclub.

“THEY” are those who consider themselves Christians who have rejoiced over the death of 50 people, the injuries of more than another 50 and the death of the shooter.

“THEY” are those, who would call themselves Christians, and believe this was God’s judgment against the LGBT movement.  It wasn’t.

“THEY” are those from the ACLU who seem to think they can brand me as a hate-filled, venom spewing bigot simply because I believe in the traditional view of marriage and do believe homosexuality to be against God’s design.  You cannot put words in MY mouth because of the words of those would be Christians who do indeed hate and believe such nonsense as God did this.

No, God did not judge the sin of homosexuality by sending an evil shooter to a gay nightclub in Orlando.  How do I know this?   He already judged that sin, and mine, at Calvary when He did put someone to death to judge sin – His Son, Jesus.   For those who profess Christianity to suggest otherwise is to undermine the very judgement Jesus provided on Calvary’s cross.  It’s as if we are saying, “That judgement wasn’t good enough therefore God has to send an evil shooter to add to it.”  No, He didn’t do that.

No, I do not hate those of the LGBT community anymore than I hate the gossiper in the church.  I’ve not been called to hate people.  The life and death of Christ do not afford me that liberty.    And no, the ACLU, LGBT, or any other organization cannot speak for me either.  They cannot tell others that I hate them.  They cannot tell them that I wish for their demise.  They cannot blame me for what happened in Orlando.   They don’t speak for me.

But, there is One who has already spoken for God and His name is Jesus.   If you want to see and know what God thinks on such things there is no place better to go than the life of Jesus in the Gospels. The scandalous love of God was on display through the life of Jesus.  The scandalous love of God was on display at Calvary.  The wrath of God against sin was poured out on His son at Calvary.   He doesn’t need to use a mass shooting to add to it.

The Bible is clear that God’s judgement for sin was poured out on the cross.  It is also clear that there is a day coming when all men will be judged but it will be through the spectrum of the blood of Jesus and my acceptance of that sacrifice.

It is time, Christ Follower, to not allow them to speak for you.   Do not allow a hate filled wounded individual who calls themselves a Christian to speak for you.  Allow the love of God to speak for you.  Do not allow political parties to speak for you; allow the Kingdom of God within you to speak for you.  Do not allow those on the opposite side of the agenda to speak for and define you.  As a matter of fact, in those moments allow the scandalous love of Jesus to define you.  Returning love for hate is the method of Jesus.  Do not by your actions and words become the proof that supports their claims that we are their enemy and hate them.

When you, Christ Follower, stand before God at the judgment there will be One speaking for you because of what He did.  Now is the time you speak for Him as you model the very thing He modeled as He walked this earth.

If you think God did this and rejoiced at it, you don’t know God and you don’t speak for Him.  And…you don’t speak for me.


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