Where Are the Statesmen?

I will readily admit that I am not one who has a tremendous amount of interest in the political events of our country.  Heck, there are times when I have trouble remembering which party is the donkey and which is the elephant.  I simply do not profess to be a political expert by any measure.  That being said, I love watching and listening to the candidates from both parties.   Leadership has always intrigued me and the opportunity to watch those vying for the top leadership position in our country has been quite interesting.

As I have watched these past few weeks one question kept coming to my mind that I am now posing here:  “Where are the statesmen?”   

I see and hear politicians, but I am not sure I’ve heard many statesmen.  This is not an indictment or endorsement of any particular candidate. It seems to me that professional politicians are looking for votes to become elected.  They tailor their message to win the votes of a particular group of people.  Platforms are carefully and skillfully crafted to play upon the interests, ideals and fears of a group.   Politicians have talking points that become rehearsed and scripted monologues.

Statesmen, on the other hand, stand upon non-negotiable principles that are immovable regardless of the vote.  They don’t stick their finger in the wind to see which way the wind is blowing.  Statesmen don’t have talking points – they have life points they anchor their lives to. They cannot be bought, swayed, moved or manipulated while remaining dignified and humble in the process.

No doubt our country has had statesmen throughout history who have stood for principles but they seem to be far and few between as the political machine has produced professional politicians.

I see candidates engage in anything but dignified debating over issues they differ on.  They insult, mock, ridicule and and vilify any who oppose them.  Millions upon millions of dollars are spent to secure positions of power.   Lies are spread.   Inaccuracies are trumpeted over and over.  Fears of the people are played upon.  The process is ugly and it is venomous.

Where are the statesmen?

I was tempted to go to the dictionary to provide a definition of a statesman but I believe I  have a better definition to define what a statesman looks like – God’s Son, Jesus.  He was the statesman of Heaven upon earth from a kingdom not of this world.

As the Statesman of Heaven Jesus walked this earth with one agenda – His Father’s agenda.  It wasn’t a personal agenda, it was a heavenly agenda.  It wasn’t a selfish agenda, it was a selfless agenda.  The agenda of His life was to bring about God’s corporate agenda for the world.  “For God so loved the world He gave His Son”  Statesmen run with an agenda for the benefit of the whole not the part.

When running with the agenda of heaven Jesus readily sacrificed to see it become a reality.  Let me pose this question:  “If the candidates vying for office received no money, power, position, fame, or personal benefit how many would still be running for office?”    I would suggest the number of candidates would diminish greatly.  True statesmen are willing to sacrifice for their convictions, positions and principles.

Why did Jesus willing follow His father’s agenda, be willing to sacrifice and humble Himself to the point of death?  it’s simple.  Love.  He loved what His father loved – the world.  Again I point to – “For God so loved the world He gave…”  The son loved what the father loved therefore gave Himself for it.

Many say they love America.  But do they love America for it’s benefit or for the benefits that it brings to them?  What if there was nothing to gain?  No money.  No power.  No position.  No fame.   Would they love America enough to still seek this office to labor on its behalf?  Only they can answer.   The point is statesmen, true statesmen, love that which they stand for whether there is personal gain or not.

Where are the statesmen?

As Jesus walked this earth as God’s statesman He raised up 12 men who would become statesmen themselves.   Look at their lives and how they impacted their world.  They stood upon the principles of God’s kingdom to the point of giving their lives for it.  These men, as well as the men and women to follow them, impacted the known world and never won a political office.  They were never the most famous.  They weren’t governors, senators, mayors or kings.   As a matter of fact they were mostly opposed by them.  They were never the wealthiest people in the land.  The bible tells me they were unschooled, ordinary men.  They wouldn’t have won elections.  These statesmen died for a principles that were more than mere talking points.  They died for what was the platform of their lives – God’s kingdom.

This blog is for Christ followers.  It is not for those who do not profess to be followers of Christ for I do not expect those who do not know Him to act like Him.

Where are the statesmen?   If you are a follower of Christ – look in the mirror.  You are the statesmen of a kingdom not of this world and certainly higher than this world.   You are a citizen of heaven.  You have a King.   As a matter of fact, you are His ambassador in this world.   The apostle Paul pronounced..”we are ambassadors for Christ…”

Oh, Christ follower be His Statesman!   Now is not the time to forfeit the principles of His Kingdom for the sake of political supremacy.  Now is not the time to be more republican than Christlike.  Now is not the time to be more democratic than a diplomat of Heaven.   Now is not the time to allow the rhetoric of politics to contaminate your the spirit.  Now is not the time for His church, who has an eternal King on a throne, to be divided over temporary leaders of flesh and blood.  After all, when His church becomes divided by party lines or political personalities it is the mission of the church that suffers the most.  The true mission of His church has never been, and should never be political, for it is to be prophetic.   When His church embraces a political spirit it loses it’s ability to be the unfiltered and unbiased prophetic voice of God.

Where are the statesmen?  I don’t know where they are in regards to America’s leadership but I know where they are in light of God’s Kingdom. It’s you Christ follower, and the time is NOW.

Now is the time for His statesmen to stand upon the unwavering principles of the kingdom of Heaven of which we are citizens.  Now is the time to be more worried about revealing Christ than winning an election.  Now is the time to speak with the language of heaven even to those who differ with our political views.  Now is the time to embrace people with the love of heaven even if they oppose you.  Now is the time for His statesmen to walk in humility towards others rather than smug political arrogance. NOW is the time for the statesmen of heaven to reveal the culture of a kingdom not of this world.  NOW is the time for His kingdom to be revealed to a people who think our future rises and falls upon political parties or personalities.  Now is the time for His statesmen to reveal a kingdom that is separate and distinct from the kingdoms of the world.  Now is the time to love your neighbor as yourself.  Now is the time to love your enemies and pray for them even if they are on the opposite of the aisle.

I don’t know who will win the nominations and certainly do not know who will ultimately win the Presidential election but there is one thing I am certain about.  There is One who reigns over all and it is upon Him that we set our hope.

The question is:  Where are the statesmen?   The answer is:  You.   And, the time is NOW.

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